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I too have a non-charging TC battery but the thing that caught my eye was that the OP had a Toyota Tundra which is what I have (2016). Our new Lance 650 house battery doesn’t charge. The dealer measured the voltage at the house battery with the truck running and said voltage was good. I don’t know enough about it to argue with them but in this thread are comments about measuring amps, not volts. And what I DO know of electricity amps is what we’re talking about, hence the huge (#4) wire. So I guess my question is if you (OP) had a Toyota Tundra that was successfully charging your camper why doesn’t mine?

Here is one more fly for the ointment: the Lance 650’s pigtail comes out the front of the camper and the truck’s recepticle is on the rear bumper. An extension pigtail had to be made up to reach. So now the wire comes from the alternator some 19 feet to the back bumper then 6.5 feet + slack to the camper then another four across to the battery on the right side of the camper. We’re talking about roughly 30 feet of #6 wire! Could that be where the problem lies?