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Good news, just like John said, you are home free, plug into our heart’s content! Unless someone has done something crazy to modify your camper’s system there is no danger and even if they have it would not be related to your batteries or solar panel. There actually is a code for wiring RVs just like there is for wiring in your home. 🙂

Wait, let me back up. Some campgrounds are wired incorrectly and can pose a serious shock or voltage problem. You may want to consider using something like this to test the wiring and voltage after you plug in or ideally before plugging in right at the campground connection.

It is really very basic and even if you have no understanding of electricity, you can easily assure yourself all is well by simply reading the number and lights on the device. When I was working on RVs I saw far more damage done by bad campground wiring than I did RV wiring.

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