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Oversteer and understeer are kind of easy to remember because the words pretty much define the action. Oversteer means that the vehicle turns more sharply than intended so it steers into a curve more than you intended or oversteers. In severe cases it can result in a spin. Vehicles are built with a tendency to understeer plow straight ahead as that is an easier thing for the average driver to correct.

It was often said which end of the vehicle hits first is the key. If your vehicle understeers the front end hits first, it yours oversteers, the butt end hits first. Going with a very stiff rear sway bar and little or no sway bar in the front can induce a tendency to oversteer so you feel the back end start to slide out if entering a ramp too fast and suddenly slowing. It is not a common condition as manufacturers bias so strongly towards understeer.

Since I am stiffening the rear, but not increasing stiffness in the front, I wanted to make sure Hellwig had considered that and was assured the bar I was adding was matched to the front end’s existing components. They didn’t know why Ford used such a small bar in their camper package. This issue was addressed in other forums and one post noted the addition of a bar with none in the front led to a drift on an entry ramp – one time!

There is a great deal of information on this topic and others related to handling on the Internet. Fascinating stuff. If there are folks in this forum who have raced or are currently, I am sure they can add. 🙂

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