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My issue with Rancho RS 9000xl shocks on the rear of my rig was, they faded too quickly. I.E. They over heated and became soft during bumpy road travel. They do have a bigger oil volume than OEM shocks but it wasn’t enough. Some think, OK dial up to a higher setting of 1 thru 9. Doesn’t work that way, a higher setting # will not help a cooling issue. That’s why I installed a set front and rear with an even larger oil volume with a remote reservoir. King 2.5 but there are others.
Going into the replacement shocks on my Ram 3500 I already discovered how OEM style shocks can over heat on bumpy back roads. My Ram has coil springs on front and they really give a shock a work out. Coils have no friction during cycling and all the movement has to be controled by the shock. That’s why on the front I tried Bilstein 5160 remote reservoir shocks. Idea was right but the shock volume was still too small for my Ram and it’s load.
With shocks size matters as to volume. OEM trucks and there OEM sized shocks might work for a while but will never last on a Truck/camper. Some have experienced OEM sized shocks might not work at all.
BTW, the 9000xl I took off my Ram3500 are the same size has my ’19 Wrangler Rubicon rear shocks. Wrangler has lite coil springs and heavy shocks, great for a light off road vehicle. One rear OEM shock was leaking (only 3,000 miles but mostly offroad) so I intalled the Ram 9000 xl’s and on #1 setting. They ride so nice on the Wrangler I leaving them on. Not going to bother with a warranty replacement. I’m thinking the front OEM shocks are going bye-bye and Rancho 9000 xls will be on the front soon. There bigger volume seems just right for my Wrangler Rubicon and heavy off roading. FYI, Wrangler Rubicon weighs 4500 lbs. and Ram/Tiger RV weighs 11,200 lbs.

2012 Tiger CX Ram diesel 4x4