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Tom MacCallum

I finally got the ATS figure out. Our friend Brian, a master electrician and live aboard sail boat owner came over last night to help out. After familiarizing himself with the rest of the system, we began to layout the wiring needed for the ATS, charger/converter,inverter interface. The drawing I got off of Thor’s site wasn’t really that helpful since it was drawn around a system with a separate charger and convert. Not like the PD one in our TC. We found a simplified drawing on GO Power’s site(and who sells the same ATS under their name) and after bench testing the ATS to make sure we had all of the terminals figured out(since they weren’t maked), we knew what needed to be done. Brian had it figured out, but was probably humoring me. 🙂 When we first ran 110 to it on the bench….crickets. When Brian looked at the GP drawing, there was a tiny note about time delay, so then we actually screwed the test wires under the terminal screws and…..more damn crickets for a about a minute. Then, click. It was working. Why such a long time delay is a mystery.
Then we broke for beers and my wife’s souped up salsa and chips and talked about sailboats.
I haven’t installed it yet, but it’s good to know what needs to be done.