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Hemi Joel

The vast difference of opinion on shocks is interesting. Hauling a big Arctic Fox 1150 on my 93 Ram dually, the original rear shocks and the Monroe front shocks did not have enuff control. After reading everything on the internet, I spent the big bucks on Bilstien 4600’s. They were way worse than what I had. Because they were so expensive, I stuck with them for a couple years. When I switched to a bigger heavier, Eagle Cap 1165, they were even worse. So I bit the bullet and bought Rancho 9000’s for the rear and Monroe for the front. (Unfortunately, they don’t make a rancho 9000 for the front of my truck.) This was a huge improvement over the Bilstiens, the backs are adjusted to 8 out of 9. The front is still a little too soft, but better. I don’t know what I can buy that would be stiffer. So I’ll never waste my $ Bilstein again, and I will use Rancho on everything I can.