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Tom MacCallum

The inverter is rated at 1800W from either 110 receptical I found out. I’ve got it hooked up to the batteries and it works.

Holy Moly!!! TCs are a PITA to work on! There was blood involved. Lot’s of sharp corners in there. It took me several days to get the batteries installed and the cables made up and installed. I did manage to place the 300a fuse at exactly 18″ from the first Battery. Wasn’t easy. I had to get creative with the hole drilled through the battery compartment. I thought I was being all smart to be able to get three batteries in there. I didn’t take into account all of the 2/0 cables in there. It’s packed in there for sure.

I also installed a Victron 100/50 solar controller and bluetooth dongle for the Victron BMS. I have to say the app on the phone is pretty cool. Still lot’s to do, but at least that’s out of the way. ATS is next…and a new propane detector, etc

I think those hydraulic cable crimpers are the bomb.