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Honestly Steve it’s somewhat difficult to have much of a dialog on an open forum about this subject with out interjecting politics’s and I would rather not go there. Suffice to say choices made will always come with consequences. The lessons learned by you and I when we were young about having skin in the game can easily be used as argument material. I bet the stuff you worked for versus the stuff that you obtained without effort is treated differently.

Looking back into history it is easy to find philosophers who were the authors of brilliant strategies that can be used in today’s society.

The bottom line is we now govern through elected representatives rather than holding on to the belief in an eye for an eye. This IMO is a good thing but the new system only recognizes the majority. Even if you’re in the majority you cannot prevail when your fellow voters are complacent.

One last thought, I have read that those who seek representation by others and allow those chosen few to decide what there compensation should be will suffer. Power and greed have done more harm than any opioid has ever done.