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The process is really no different than selling any vehicle. Knowing what state you live in and a little about the MH would help. The general look is very important, clean and tidy with no visible leaks is critical. Much of what needs to be done depends on the price. I live in California where smog tests are given, if your rig still needs to pass a smog test then I strongly suggest you as the owner get it done and hand the cert along with the title to the new owner. Here in California the sale and transfer would require a new smog test. Again, do not let the new owner get the test done. The vehicle has to pass and it’s the sellers responsibility to pay the repair bills in order to make it pass, even if there fraudulent. Once the first test is completed you are no longer responsible. Additionally include all vehicle information including price and a strong and clearly worded sentence stating that there is no warranty of any kind. Do not except anything other than cash and if it’s more than a thousand or so I would insist on going to the buyer bank in order to confirm the hundreds are not counterfeit.

The bottom line is you should provide the best product possible so the new owner will be happy. But with that being said do not trust the public. Most people are honest and reasonable but there are far to many out there who are not and they will stick it to you if you give them a chance.

One last piece of advise is to sell like I do. I always go out and provide a complete walk threw along with a drive. During your walk threw voluntary disclose every problem the vehicle currently has. Buyers will greatly appreciate your honesty, this style of selling has allowed me to privately sell everything to date that I have ever sold including real estate. This is also the time to show invoices that list parts or repairs that were needed and are now complete. I hope this advise helps you with the sell of your motor home. Good luck