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Dumb Mick

Surely the oil use gauge is no more than a time gauge?

I assume your saying that your oil ‘degraded’ by 35% is based on what the gauge shows and not on you sending a sample in to some lab? I assume that taking it out for a 15 minute spin every two weeks would be preferable but what do I know?

When I worked at Prudhoe Bay in the winter we would drive back to where we lived, put the rig in park, and walk away. A crew came around all night long endlessly filling the hundreds of gas tanks. Most of the rigs were gassers but there were diesels, if pre-any-emission-controls. Would love to see data on those rigs’ longevity. There probably isn’t any as ARCO sold them when they got 3 or 4 years on them. Many Alaskans were very happy to buy those rigs as they were well maintained and were sold at very fair prices.

It’s good to be a n00b - so I can aspire to be just stoopid.

Monrovia, CA