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I had a little time this morning so I took a look at the GMC web site for 2020’s. The only number that has not changed for there DRW 3500 model when it comes to towing is the conventional hitch capacity that stays at 20K. Everything has gone up dramatically. The number shown for payload starts at 6532 for a regular cab, double cabs show 6059 and the way most of us buy DRW 3500 trucks shows 5892 with a crew configuration. Obviously options will play a big role in final payload numbers.

I bet my truck in a 2020 version would have an additional 7 to 800 pounds of payload, maybe more. With these numbers I could legally pull the 44′ toy box from Hew Horizon or a STC along with a custom built aluminum 28′ toy box trailer. Neither of these choices are legal with my current truck.

They say haste makes waste and I could not agree more. My desire to start building my retirement rig in 2016 instead of 2020 could easily cost me 15-20 grand. I truly hope those of you are who reading this post and others like it are learning what not to do.