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Tom MacCallum

Well, just a quick google and Bluesea makes small circuit panels. Not cheap thought. $350-190 for a 3 circuit panel. Glad we don’t own a boat.

This was not a very expensive inverter. $300 and change IIRC. The vendor is the US importer for this brand from what I found out on the chinese mfr website. I’d still like to be able to run everything AC if plugged in to shore power. That was the point of the ATS. We’re invited on a Grand Canyon rafting trip next April. Our 6th. We be parked at a friends house that are also going. So we’ll be buying supplies, preparing and freezing meals for the trip. Probably there for a week and half before we travel down to the launch ramp. Fortunately, out storage unit with our cataraft and gear is a mile from their house.

I don’t know if the inverter is two independent 1000w legs. It has (2) 110 outlets, so probably. I guess I was expecting something that had to be hard wired. They don’t mention that on the spec page of the website. Not sure how that’s going to work with the M/W. It’s a 1350/900w unit. I’m going to try to call the vendor and see what he says.

Our friend, the electrician didn’t feel well, so he blew us off till next week.