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Tom MacCallum

Thanks for the help Steve and Phil. You guys are asking the question I didn’t know I needed to ask. The vendor I bought the inverter and ATS from has sort of fallen by the way side after promising schematics.

Here a link for the ATS. https://thorpowerproducts.com/product/thts-30/

Phil, Good info. I’m not planning on running anything from the inverter thru the CC panel. The inverter is a pretty basic one. http://www.cnbou.com/2000w-pure-sine-wave-inverter/

We been so swamped trying to get out house remodel finished to a point to show a very patient prospective buyer, I haven’t have a chance to think that much about this. I still haven’t finished the CC and new Victron solar controller swap. It probably would have dawned on me that I need a sub panel. The question was way in the back of my mind on how I was going to run two circuits thru the ATS. As a general contractor, we use sub-panels all of the time. With the limited space we have, does anybody make a tiny 2-3 circuit panel. I haven’t googled it. The boat industry probably has them.

This is wiring schematic I received from the vendor. It stops at the inverter and they’ve too busy with installations to answer any other questions I have. Hmmm, not sure why it didn’t load. it shows in the reply window.

Thanks again for your input.