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Tom MacCallum

The reason in my mind to use a ATS is to be able power the two circuits mentioned thru the CC or the inverter. The Thor ATS is in a 6″ x 6″ plastic electrical box. So, essentially, that’s the sub panel. I know I wasn’t very clear above. I understand you can’t run the inverter thru the CC w/o disconnecting the charger part of it. Which appears to be impossible. The schematic I downloaded from Thor’s site shows just that though. I also got a wiring schematic from the inverter vendor that cause me some confusion. Hence the question about the switch.

Our battery compartment is on the other side of the wet bath from the electrical compartment. There’s space underneath to route wires, but it require the flexibility of Houdini. The only place to put fuse block, terminal block etc is behind a couple of the kitchen drawers next to the bath and in front of one corner of the battery compartment. There’s no place that the 300A fuse block can be mounted easily with-in 18″ of the battery. Hence the question about cable length. Why does Bluesea make them so big? I’m tempted to R&R the battery compartment from the outside to access things a little easier, but still be able to access the fuse if it should ever blow. Getting a screw gun in there is a challenge. 🙂

I’ve never installed an ATS before and the Thor didn’t label the terminals so it has made it a little difficult to follow their schematic.

Thanks for your help gentlemen.