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I think therein lies the rub. How does one ride comfortably when empty, yet offer an acceptable ride quality when fully loaded given the differences can be so extreme in comparison to passenger vehicles?

Difference in air bag sizing was well known in motorhomes and usually broken down to bigger bags offering more comfort and small bags offering better handling, however the bag pressures were not adjustable so that factor would add a wild card to the generalities for truck campers.

On the truck sites there are many comments about the new model Fords Super Duties having softer rear springs so a considerable amount of sag is endemic when fully loaded. Perhaps the change was done to address the “buckboard when empty” situation? In my own experience I found asking an aftermarket manufacturer for recommendations always resulted in suggestions to add multiples of whatever product they happened to be offering, although my own preference is to consider suggestions than make changes one at a time based on information gathered from multiple sources. 🙁

Maybe all we can do is try to find the best compromise based on our own individual preferences. 🙂

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