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Aye Yai Yai…

Now you have me concerned… I have had the Roadmasters for several years and to their credit, they work fine with the weight of the camper. However, I am still a working bloke so the camper is only on the truck a handful of times of year. The truck is my driver and when empty, the Roadmasters cause it to ride like an old buckboard. Historically I have not been a fan of air bags either, but recently I have taken interest in the Helwig Big Wig Air Bags (much larger than anything I have found on the market). Helwig’s tech department recommended the Big Wig Sway Bar in conjunction with the air bags to stabilize the “wash” (I believe that is the term he used). So both just arrived and are waiting installation next week over the holiday. Vacation in the mountains of Colorado will determine if this was a poor decision or not.

To use Jefe’s term, let the “ballet” begin…

Gettysburg, PA
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