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Tom MacCallum

I went the opposite way visa vie the front springs on our ’15 f-350 diesel CCLB. With the camper on, not even totally fully loaded, we were at about 5150 lb on the front axle. I have adding about 260 lb of bumper and winch to that. I replaced the 5600 lb springs with 6000 lb springs. The 5600s are available if you have any interest. I’m in UT.

Our used XLT did not have a rear sway bar. I installed a Helwig sway bar. It has 3 different locations on the the bar strut that attaches to the frame. I tried the lightest setting first and then went with the highest betting. Made a huge difference on the road. It’s stiff as hell on the bumpy stuff. I have to creep in low range. hav en’t been out that I can disconnect one end of the bar, but we may try that.