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Just over two months ago my truck and camper were hit by a lady driving while chatting (actually arguing with her Mom) on a cell phone, which ripped off the left rear jack and destroyed the outside dually alloy wheel, tire, bent the axle housing and twisted the upper leaf spring in the main pack. But with over 4,900 lbs of wet-loaded camper still on the truck I wouldn’t attempt to use the flimsy OEM jack to change out the tire…

It took three tow trucks later (and over 5hrs of time wasted) to finally get a jack of sufficient capacity to lift this heavily laden rig!!

Once the tire was finally changed, my next FIRST move was to go buy a HF 12 ton bottle jack ($29) and a 120v tire impact wrench ($39) which (if ever needed) I can easily run from the camper’s 2000w sine inverter. Post accident, the 12 ton jack lifts the fully laden rig quite nicely.

Lesson Learned!!