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We only take our rig out a few times a year. On one of those times, we got one of those,’In 100 miles your speed will be reduced to 5mph. Take your vehicle to a service center immediatedly’ messages. Turned out to be bad DEF. We ended up having to dismount the camper on the street outside the dealership (in 105 deg temps) while they took the truck in, dropped the DEF tank, flushed it and reinstalled it. If we had NOT had the jacks mounted… I dunno, rented a car to drive home to get the jacks and bring them back???

All that said, I’ve often thought it would be nice to leave them at home but our Lance 650 is a tight fit on the Ram 3500 (SRW) and the jacks don’t hang out that far. And of course, there’s always the chance we might have to remove the camper again far from home.