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Lots of different ways to use TCs. Our NorthStar does not live in the bed of our truck and I don’t want to have to deal with taking foam board in and out on the days our truck has to work. Enhancing R value is useful in cold weather camping, which we seldom do here in the Southeast. Some folks do glue the board to the bottom of their campers, but I don’t care for that solution.

It takes two 2x4s split in half to make a riser that will clear the marker lights on our SuperDuty for our prior Hallmark and our current Norhstar, not sure about other campers. That means two 8-foot lengths for front to back and 4 pieces for the horizontals less than 48″ each. Given a weight of 16-20 pounds per standard 2×4 in an arena where folks seem unable to avoid exceeding their truck ratings by hundreds of pounds, I’m not sure that much weight is a concern to very many folks.

As with all things RV, I think problems solving is more often a matter of preference rather than best practices. 🙂

Steve and Andra
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