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Thanks for posting. I am debating making the switch even though our camper is only a few months old.

Some of the TC manufacturers as well as RV manufacturers do a very poor job of installing the fridge which often accounts for the poor cooling. The air coming in the lower vent is supposed to pass over the cooling coil and nothing else. The factories are not doing this in many cases and air is simply following the path of least resistance bypassing the coils. The installation manual covers this issue and should be online. What really kills it on the pop-ups is locating the upper vent on the sidewall, although no real option there.

As you noted the space around the fridge is often left uninsulated or is insulated poorly. Insulation from batts rather than foam board works well in those situations.

What I have never found a cure for is how easily the flame is blown out when operating on propane. All is well until a tractor trailer approaches pushing a bow wave of air and out it goes. Same thing in a strong storm. Having tried all the suggested fixed on the Internet as well as those proposed in the past by Dometic, I believe it is the nature of the beast or at least my beasts. 🙁

Interested to see a long term follow-up.

Steve and Andra
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