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You know, what I always hate about suspension issues is it seems like we are simply guessing and throwing parts at things hoping to get it right.

We don’t have much sway with the NorthStar on our F350, but the porpoising is brutal when the roadway has joints. At times it feels like it will literally tear the truck apart. I have upgraded the rear shocks and replaced the stock bump stops with Sumo springs, which helped some, but it is still pretty bad. And when running empty I have to air the tires way down or the ride is brutal.

My next thought is replace the front shocks, then I also wonder if I should add spacers on top of the rear overloads as they don’t hit the blocks, even with the camper loaded, although they do when we are hauling our fifth wheel, but it isn’t much better then. Back of the camper looks like it is on a pogo stick.

The rule of thumb for fifth wheels when porpoising is to increase weight over the pin, but with a truck camper, once it is loaded, it’s loaded and I know from my scale weights our truck camper adds very little weight to the front axle.

I hate just guessing at fixes. Quite a conundrum! 🙂

Steve and Andra
2012 F350 6.2 gasser SRW LB
Fab Fours front and rear in case we run into a rhino
2019 Northstar Laredo SC