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Technically speaking the manufacturer’s advice is absolutely correct, and from my perspective what he is saying must be said because of liability reasons…
So as with most other day to day risk we endure in life it usually boils down to a matter of possibilities versus likelihood…
I recently posted about a lady distracted on a cell phone who then crossed over the center lane line and hit my rear dually and tore off the camper jack…Just another case of risk (or possibilities) versus likelihood…It was 100% her fault, but admittedly I reluctantly assumed some of this risk exposure simply by driving on a public highway…Much safer to just stay home, eh!!
Truth is that try as we might a risk free world does not exist…Often, the best plan to mitigating risk is to adopt a mindset of operational or situational awareness that a known potential hazard could develop and plan out a contingency accordingly…This is why we wear seatbelts…
Nor is Lithium risk free…the possibility exist that the BMS might someday go south, but a good contingency (rather than flying blind…) is to regularly monitor voltages by investing in a high quality battery status monitor…
Personally, me choose to closely monitor…


I agree with everything you say, but here is the thing. I think when we see a manufacturer doing something or stating something, we assume there is no risk. That is what is happening with AGM batteries in RVs. I suspect the actual risk of fire or explosion approaches zero, but batteries don’t require much of a vent. I suspect the camper manufacturers believe as we do.

I just want to have the choice of picking my risks whenever possible. I surfed the web last night under “battery venting in boats”, a place where owners do everything they can to avoid fire because of the obvious risk and they don’t quibble – everything gets vented.

And, if it does happen in a camper in which the manufacturer did not provide a vented location and the legal eagles get wind of it, I have no clue how they could mount a defense.

My two cents

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