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This morning I finally had a little time to surf the site and ran across this post. I have always believed information is power so for me scrolling past this title was impossible.

They say the happiest workers are those who do what they love. Mike, your interest, passion and knowledge are among the top reasons why the site has become so popular. Attracting intelligent knowledgeable participants is the the big pay back for a well managed informative web site.

For me, ” ignorance is bliss”. I decided way back in the early 80’s that computers were not going to be my thing, sure I browse, post and dabble around the edges with my limited skills but that’s about it. I am more than happy to let the heavy hitters supply the interesting content. With my 7 day a week schedule there is no time to be too involved. I guess this is a blessing because since I don’t provide to much content I don’t have to deal with the few issue’s that apparently exist within the site, it’s all just fun and games for me.

When the time comes to buy buy my next camper and provide your site with a picture and fact filled laden post I will simply enlist my wife and daughter to help with the heavy lifting. Having an IQ of about 330 combined I am sure they can solve any woe’s that may come up during the writing of my over due post. Until then I am content to simply read and enjoy the information provided.