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Let me see if I have the technology figured out to join the group ? I had been looking for a HD 1 ton, but came across this lo mile 2wd, so I will start here. The camper is 10′ constructed with SIP panels FRP exterior layer. A bit heavy but I have 1″ foam in the walls, 1-1/2 floor and roof. I hope to end up with a comfortable winter season rig.

I did a truck upgrade for my rig, really wanted a 4WD. The cabover diesel gives me good mileage and 15 feet of bed in a truck with a 20′ overall length. It is my everyday work truck with camper removed. Looking forward to getting on the road now. A slot behind the dog kennel for spare and generator. Truck weighs just under 8000 without camper, 14,5000 GVW.