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Carrie Miller

When I google EZ Charge all I get are systems to charge electric vehicles. I do not know what an EZ Charge is in your application. I have seen charging systems that do not show any output until you put a load on them. I presume a voltmeter when connected shows nothing. Measure a battery with a voltmeter and then connect it to the EZ Charge. Now measure the battery voltage again and if it reads higher, that would indicate that the charge system is working correctly. If I am way off base here due to my naivety please forgive me.

Hi maybe this will go through, its on the outside of my camper where I can hook up a charger directly to the posts and here are a couple pics:

and the thing is mine does not show any power but I cant figure out where those wires are going into the big white box inside my camper. Waayy over my head but thats doesnt take much. Such a pain.