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Nice and neat. Easy to follow and anyone else can follow in your foot steps which I think is the mark of a good installation.

The one thing I would toss about cable sizing is I never deviated from the manufacturers’ instructions or sizing, although I lived in a much different world where I was liable for anything my hands touched and a lot they didn’t.

The issue I saw that most often destroyed inverters was folks assuming as long as a fuse or breaker did not blow they were fine. That meant lots of hair dryers, coffee pots, and microwaves fighting for power right up until something went up in smoke in the inverter. Long heavy amp draws can produce a lot of heat and melt components. Probably not much of a risk in truck campers.

Probably the actual demands are pretty modest. Even our little 16 inch TV and DVD players operate easily off an inverter that plugs into a 12 VDC receptacle and we have a genny for AC and microwave. 🙂

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