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Hello all,
Just getting started on the forum but have been following Mike since I started thinking about a Truck camper
2016 Northern lite SPortsman
2017 Chevy Silverado HD 3500
What do you all think of a window leak on 2016, well cared for camper? I had assumed this was covered under Northern lite warranty but its not. I cant find the actual leak, only happens during sig. rain storm or when raining and traveling at high speed. Anyone with an idea is welcome. Thanks for the help.


I haven’t worked on a NL, but suspect the windows are installed like those on other RVs. On the inside of the camper is there what is call a “beauty ring” that can be unscrewed? If so I always found that trying to simply caulk around the outside is a lost cause so I normally popped the window out and clean the side of the camper and used tacky tape or butyl tape and put the window back in. I am not sure how NL seals them from the factory so someone here may be able to provide more info.

And yeah, factories hold owners responsible claiming a lack of maintenance for what is normally a subpar install from the git-go. Normally a window seal is good for many years if the window is installed correctly. 🙁

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