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Dumb Mick

“7-8″ lift will make you very, very top heavy“

I rather doubt that and actually my lift will only be 7” (3” spacers and 8” bigger tires). The F550’s curb weight is +/- 8K with most of that quite low down. An Eagle Cap 1165 is fairly tall but, again, most of its weight is quite low. Plenty of people running them on 350’s and 450’s so why should another 7” bother a 550? Overall it will be about 12’-2”. 14’ is generally the minimum for the vast majority of bridges. CalTrans lists a few down to 13’-4”. Not worried about winds. I’m willing to bet that the center of gravity will be about 16” or less above the frame. Not worried about wind – if it gets windy while driving I’ll pull over like any sensible big rig driver. Really doubt it will be toppled if it is stationary especially with that 92” track width and headed into the wind which is not as easily done with a big rig.

Keep them suggestions comin’, folks!

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