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Travels with Yoly

This is a second attempt to post in this thread. The first time, the photos didn’t display and then the option to edit the post disappeared so I copied and pasted that post here and will make another attempt to get the photos to display.

Since 2016 we started small, went bigger and bigger and came back smaller than ever and then back to normal size again.

Our first foray into truck campers was a Rayzr FK (full kitchen model). We owned a Runaway Range Runner at the time and it was the perfect living room and bedroom. All we needed was a place to cook and eat out of the elements so we thought the Rayzr FK would be the least expensive solution for us.

“Best thing about it was the ability to store it under the carport on the rolling dolly I made for it.”

I had issues with some of the design quirks and the blunt front killed mileage dramatically so we thought that we’d move to a full size truck camper and trade in the Range Runner along the way. We picked the Travel Lite 770R because of its advertised dry weight of 1,385 lbs which would put our Ram 1500 at its max capacity (outfitted with air springs for leveling the truck).

Turned out that the Travel Lite 770R actually had a dry weight of 1,920 lbs which put our 1500 about 400 lbs over the GVWR and Rear Axle Rating so we upgraded to a 2016 Ram 2500HD, Crew Cab, 2WD, 6.4L Hemi. Since we now had the means of expanding our choices, we chose a 2016 Adventurer 80RB.

After a splendid 8,600 mile adventure to western Canada in 2017 we examined our bucket list and savings account and decided in early 2018 that we needed to cut back expenses and downsize. We found the little Eureka to be just what we needed.

“We designed and built much of the interior ourselves. A comfortable relined couch was my highest priority”

For many reasons we decided to sell the Eureka when we got back from our winter trip to Florida and we found a new 2018 Travel Lite 840 SBRX. The floor plan and interior closely resembled the Adventurer 80RB but about $6K less expensive so we are now the proud owners.

Neil & Yoly
2016 Ram 2500HD Tradesman, 2WD Crew Cab, 6.4L Hemi
2018 Travel Lite 840 SBRX
Honda EU2000i