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You are not the only one with a ‘user interface’ woe. I was a long time poster and reader of RV.net’s Truck Camper forum along with some of my hardcore XTC buddies (Extreme Truck Camping) who posted a lot and most importantly posted simply outstanding pictorial trip reports. It finally ran its course and I switched over to a site that I thought would be more focused on what i do: namely off-road truck camping. I just went through trying to upload a long article about our latest XTC-ing in and around Canyonlands in their ‘trip reports lasting more than a week’ section and, like you spent a lot of time editing and getting the 20 Faux-bucket pics to appear at just the right time in the text to flow and amplify the story line. Up popped a note reading, “You have exceeded the 10K character limit. Please try again.” No back button. No edit button. My Mac only has a word count; no character count. Do the links count as part of the limit? The whole thing went into ether.
I contacted the moderator listed for that section and he said he has not done any moderating for years.
So, I’m between a rock and a hard place on where to put my Trip Reports. I’m not going back to RV.net. Expedition Portal seems to be all show and no go. This site still seems to be the most flexible once you jump all the hurdles and finally get with the system,even with the small pics.
The Great Whazoo, a buddie also formerly on RV.net finally solved his same dilemma by creating his own website where he can format his fabulous and entertaining trip reports any way he wants. His are the best trip reports ever on any format.

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