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Mello Mike

Hi Jeff,
I’ve been following your threads and comments here and on other forums about a replacement camper. I think you’ll find that the Cirrus 820 is too big for what you like to do. And it seems like the Lance 825 and Lance 865 don’t meet your needs either. IMHO, the only off-road campers that really fit the bill are the Lance 650, the Northstar Laredo SC (the camper we have) and the BunduVry by Bundutec, but the latter have cassette toilets. It doesn’t look like there’s a off-road camper out there that really fits with what you like to do, so I would go with a custom build by Bundutec. Tell Rory you want something like the Laredo/BunduVry but with a black tank. He’ll be more than happy to accommodate your needs and build the wood-framed camper you really want. Better yet, it won’t cost an arm and a leg to have one built either.

Good luck!