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Yeah, I hear y’all on the genny but I’ll be putting as much solar on as there is roof so the genny won’t be disturbing the peace too much. I hope the solar will cover the water heater. Maybe I should haul my Honda 2K along to run the water heater? It’s really efficient. A pity the Onan can’t run off the truck’s diesel. I’m more concerned about running the furnace. I see a vent-free propane heater in our future – much more efficient and probably more than adequate for hanging out at night. If I only run the furnace for half an hour in the morning to get Her Highness out of the rack and use the vent-free for the rest of our heating I’m hoping 30 gals could last a week or a little more. I guess baking bread might not be indicated.
Don, not worried about rockin’ and rollin’ with an F550. I figure I’ll be 5000 lbs under my payload limit. Yeah, air bags are for people who don’t buy enough truck. I’m planning on doing this once, correctly. ?

Is that 550 a flatbed? IF you don’t know this already (you prob do) you need a resilient pad under that TC. Want it good, strong, just enough to soak up the bumps, yet not be a sponge or let it slide around…Tractor Supply Horse Stall Matting https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/4-ft-x-6-ft-x-3-4-in-thick-rubber-stall-mat?cm_vc=-10005 Most rural stores have it on rolls and you just tell them what you want, its 4ft wide and just about any length you want, I get it but to 8ft for the bed of my truck. Its made from recycled rubber. My mat sat under my TC for 8 years and I kept it in the bed of my truck year round. I use the 3/4 thick grade. Nothing better!

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