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Mick D, guessin you are talking boondocking? Yes, 15 gals seems a bit niggardly especially when you factor in the Onan genset runs on propane. Bad equation: Buy the Onan to boondock, but only 15 gal of propane, ain’t boonie bashing for long. Now you can run the fireplace heat on the Onan and with the DSI you got your shower. So the limit is 15 gal.

I have an e mail into Host asking the following, will post when I get an answer:

1) Propane: 15 gal seems small. And as the Onan runs off propane then it’s a real challenge to do a long boondock in cold weather.

2) Difference between Mammoth and Everest, they appear to be one in the same???? Or the real question is why buy one over the other.

On another note: Do you want a King Bed for you Host?

On another note: Truck outfitting to work with this unit is critical to owner acceptance. My AF 1150 was not lightweight unit and fully loaded tipped the scales near the 5000 lb mark. Driving the ranch roads of Texas is a swing ‘n sway if there ever was one. My wife was petrified. Fine out on the Interstate, but get off into the motorcycle roads and my ’15 F 350 dually wobbled like an out of balance spinning top. But wait, I got tricks and can make the dually handle like a Corvette.

Hellwig Big Wig Rear anti-sway bar

Rancho RS 9000 XL adjustable shocks

Torklift Upper Stable loads

Do those 3 things and that dually is a as stable as a block of granite. NOTE: I did not mention “air bags”! Every forum from TC’s to TT’s and 5th wheels, has more fan boys promoting Air Bags like they own stock in the company. Nothing but a waste of your money!

Helps being an engineer…

US Army Retired
2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
Hill Country of Texas