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Been faced with this many times:

Shoes: When was the last time you inspected your tires, last rotate and balance

Basic maintenance: Oil change, air filter etc. Far better to do before you head out then needing to do out on the road. If you can make the trip and not need fine, but if coming due, do before you go.

magic mile maintenance: Everything has magic miles or hours. Dig out your mileage maintenance schedule. Are near the 12.3 Million mile maintenance point? Will you cross the threshold on the trip, if so go ahead and do in advance. Beats finding out you need to replace the chrome muffler bearings out on the road.

I shoulda take care of that: You have noticed that sometimes when you make a right turn the truck turns left instead, does not happen all the time….get it in now to be looked at rather than on the trip.

Win/Fail on the road: Some dealers will drop everything to get you back up and running if you hobble in on the back of a wrecker. Other dealers will BOHICA (Bend Over Here It Come Again). New F 350 and headed out, burned 15 gals of Def in only 1400 miles, When to BIG Dealer in Nashville Tenn. Gonna take us 3 days to sort out, but we got a rental car for you. Week later I paid the $300 rental car bill and was told “normal break in for Def”. Def burn did not slow, got back to home dealer and “no such thing as DEF break in, this is NOT normal”. Anyhow they kept it overnight and returned it to me the next day fixed, some minor issue, forgot what. You need to be careful on the road it can be a win or a big fail!

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