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Here is the advice I got YEARS ago from my insurance company. I was traveling from one duty station to another back in the mid-’80s. I arrived late that night and awoke the next morning to find my SUV GONE without me. I had all my uniforms and personal stuff the movers did not move. I also had a very expensive Full Quill Ostrich boots that I had paid $800 for (It’s a Texas thing, you may not understand). A lot of my clothes came from Lands End, LLBean, Cabelas and they all had a record of everything I had bought. But I did not have that for my boots. With LUCK my adjuster had a father who lived in Dallas Tx, so she called him about my $800 boots. She called me and wanted to know where I bought them to get such a good deal.

What she told me to do, was to take PICS of anything and everything of any value more than about $50 bucks…in your house, in your car, barn you name it. If it has a serial number be sure to get a close up of that and the maker.

Also ANY modifications you do to car or home from a new dishwasher to a set of tires, get a pic, it’s as valuable as a receipt. Especially on wear items, you can show the degree of wear vs the date of the receipt…it maybe a few years old, but barely used = better settlement.

In today’s world of camera fones and digital cameras, the pic could be worth the weight in gold.

A couple of years ago I was in a wreck that seems rather benign at the time. Ins company called it at $2700 in repairs. But my camera fone told a different story and the repair was just over $12,000.

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