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Phil, I find that info disappointing but not shocking. As with most thing that are new and improved over last years model (Lead-acid) it rarely lives up to the hype.

I have an almost 15-year-old Odessey Extreme Battery, Grp 31. Its been in 6 cars and trucks, in my TC for 6 years and is not being used to power electric signs and lights for my wife’s business at night. I have 2 others that have been in my TC for 2 years, and my 5th wheel for 4 years.

They charge hot, cold, solar or plugin…Cost $350 each.

Don’t get me wrong, my career as an engineer was primarily in R&D, I live and breathe on the very bleeding edge. I think it’s safe to say these are early generations of Lith batteries, I suspect these challenges will be overcome.

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