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Don, that is indeed an amazing number providing we are comparing like for like. My 2016 GMC is the diesel, 4×4, crew version built on a base platform and then optioned with just a few essentials. The number on the door jamb is only 4766, that’s 2874 less payload. In other words bring on any truck camper or if you prefer go ahead an order that 44 foot toy hauler from New Horizon.

The reason I did not even look at a Ford was my history with Ford. Three trucks and one car to date and they were all piles of garbage. I understand things can change but 4 times burnt 5th time shy for me.

I love my GMC even with it’s wimpy payload numbers. The performance and reliability thus far is a 10 and I have never been able to say that about any truck I have owned. So with that said my current truck will remain with me as I approach retirement. I will just have to settle with what I carry or pull.