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Mick I really do share your opinion but that damn liability word has been a real buzz kill. I still feel so stupid for not spending more time learning about the insufficient payloads offered by non commercial trucks. Who would of thought that a new dually that weighs 8K empty, has nearly 400HP and can legally pull 22500 could not carry at least 6K. Well I certainly did not and I have been paying for that mistake since the day I drove home. The best I can do is a Northstar STC or a 11 foot Granite and I could over load my truck with either unit if I hauled what I normally haul. Pulling a trailer with tongue weight is a sure kill shot for my truck

I have said before and I will say again, either buy a 1 ton two wheel drive Gasser or buy a 550 if you are going to buy anything bigger than a 9 foot camper, period.