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I know, it was a joke. Besides, I don’t believe in tipping my hand.
I’ve had enough trouble with Canadian Immigration. I do a lot of traveling
and they are hands down the worst and most obnoxious in the world. A couple
of years ago the wife and I were going to visit her brother north of Toronto.
Canadian Immigration treated us like common criminals or somebody trying to
sneak into Canada.
Finally I said:
“Look, I’m coming up here to spend money and visit family. They’re only
in-laws so do me a favor and send me back to Chicago (where I had arrived from).”
Last year we went to Vancouver to visit the brother. The Sherlock wannabe
asked me three times if I had any firearms or Mace. I guess she thought she
would catch me out. “Look, I just got off an airplane in Seattle, I haven’t
had the time to buy any guns.” ?
Canada is OK once you’re across the border but there’s the rub.

BINGO, Been treated like a crimminal up there…they are JERKS!!!

So you want to STOP people in their tracks and make the get the hell out of dodge…EZ

Signs or sticker. Cameras in USE! Works great here on the ranch too. Anything else ESPECIALLY “NO TREPASSING” migh was well read: Welcome, steal here, beer in the fridge, have a nice day, we will be back by 9pm”

US Army Retired
2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
Hill Country of Texas