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As someone who has camped extensively in these areas (albeit as a backcountry traveler on foot), I’d emphasize the advice in the article to check in ranger station.
In general, anyone who observes leave no trace practices will find they can do anything within reason. It’s highly worthwhile to call up whoever maintains or works in the area — I even do this for areas I know well as conditions can change rapidly which can cause new opportunities/challenges to pop up quickly.

Ohhh wow, some of the BLM areas (Table Mesa) N of Phoenix looks like a garbage DUMP. Been there many times and it only gets worse every time.

This is the last known pic of the Charles Manson hide out in Death Valley, it was vandalized and burnt to the ground within about 2 hrs after I took the pic around 3:30 in the afternoon. There was no need for that.

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