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The above should read “fully 50% of first time buyers keep their rig less then two years and use it less than 20 days out of the year.” Sorry for the type. That is the actual industry statistic. Buyers tend to trade often and keep their purchases for relatively short periods of time.

and this is exactly why a lot of manufactors give a “lifetime” warranty. they KNOW it will be sold/traded shortly.
ever notice how lifetime warranty’s are not transferable from the orig owner?
i know in our trade, just the last few yrs a lot of our suppliers have been switching to “lifetime” warranty
it gives them something to trumpet to possible customers, but how do you “lifetime” warranty a 25 or 30 yr shingle??
and what a lot of people don’t know about most “lifetime” warranties, there pro-rated, as time marches on your warranty is worth less and less