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My previous truck camper had a metal roof and I put two coats of Henri-Tropic Cool over it. It’s a 100% silicone material that has a lifetime warranty and is 100% waterproof. Did the roof with a roller and 1 gallon which was about $75. Knocked the external roof temperature down by 32 degrees on a hot sunny day and the interior ceiling temps by 16 degrees.

All this talk about RV roofs brings me to the one question I have NEVER gotten answered, in fact I have got an aswer at all.

What is the rubber (etc etc) roof stuff? I have owned a LOT of houses, none of them have a rubber roof, I have had: Tile, Concrete, Rock over tar, Asphalt shingles, metal both corrugated and standing seam, Sandbags (3 layers thick), Palm leaves.

ONE roof stands out: Metal! My next door neighbor had a metal roof, put on when the house was built in 1852.

The question is: WHY not a metal or fiberglass roof over the other stuff with its extremely limited life, problematic challenges, high and expensive upkeep. Or is the real answer…follow the money?

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