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Kyle Banerjee

Booze does not mix well in most of the day time activities. More than once I have packed up and left.

Agreed. I’m out there because I like to feel connected with everything. In the day, I might take a nip to celebrate achieving a particularly special objective but few things reach that level.

But things happen. Earlier this year, we got caught in a massive storm that dumped 48″ (4 feet) of snow on us so we were holed up 7 miles from the road. We wound up rescuing a couple guys on snow machines who wound up having to spend the night with us. Was nice to have something to share. When we finally got back to the parking lot a couple days later, neither it nor the road were drivable.

On a more serious note regarding emergency gear. In my experience, Gorilla tape is superior to duct tape in every respect. Stronger, works fine when wet, much more abrasion resistant, not susceptible to gunking up if you leave it around. Vaseline is great for wounds and blisters and makes a great fire starter as well when combined with cotton. The electrical tape that others have already listed is a superior way to bandage wounds — works when wet, doesn’t get torn up so easily, and is handy for repairs. I also think there’s no substitute for a proper headlamp. I carry a Personal Locator Beacon as well. It is cheaper than a satellite communicator, requires no subscription, is fully waterproof, and can send out a signal in conditions where a satellite connection can’t be made.