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So many suggestions, and no mention of booze?
It somehow makes a lot of situations where you know you won’t be going anywhere for awhile easier.

Booze is a dirty word. I have a LOT of time on the trails across the US and the world, I have well over 60 years under the stars at night. Booze does not mix well in most of the day time activities. More than once I have packed up and left.

Don’t get me wrong, a cold beer on a lunch break is fine, if you can hold it to 1.
Nothing like a ice cold beer at lunch in the Sonora desert, or Death Valley or Johnson Valley. And I really enjoy a Makers Mark sitting around a campfire cool night.

So I have never included it in any list, I let that be a personal choice. Somehow that seems to send a message there is a time and place…

US Army Retired
2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
Hill Country of Texas