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You did not say diesel or gas, big difference.

If MPG LOADED is key, then go diesel. My F 30’s (Diesel, CC, LB) past 5 going back to ’09 and now my ’19 all get about the same:

Unloaded: 15’s city/hiway; hiway only 17-20 (light winds, light traffic 70-75 mph.

Loaded 10-12’s hell or high water, headwind, tailwind makes no diff. Diesels were made to haul and not much affects them, I a hair slower than the traffic, if they are going 65, I lag by a couple of mph letting them lead and giving them all the maneuver space they want. Typically I am running between 63 and 73 mph.

I would not suggest you buy a F 150 if you are playing the TC game, go with a F250 or 350, cost diff in measured in hundreds of dollars and you get more for your money with either of them. F 150 will always be wanting…

US Army Retired
2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
Hill Country of Texas