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I have run bags and there is a place and time for them, but I don’t use them on my TC/5th wheel. They do provide softer suspension and they do that job well. But softer is not better when you 5000+ lbs in the bed of your truck. But that is just ME. What I was is in increased performance and safety envelope.

What I run on my truck and have over the past 4 trucks (F 350 CC LB, ’09, ’11, ’15’ ’17) is a rear anti-sway bar (Hellwig, BIG WIG), Rancho 9000 XL adjustable shocks and upper Stable Loads.

I only drive I-states if I am in a hurry, rest of the time it’s backroads and here in Texas LOT of those back roads weave in, out and around ranches, often with more curves than a pickup load of rattlesnakes. I also live in the Hill Country of Texas and its not called Hill Country for nothing. My AF 1150 fully loaded but not water tilted the scales a bit beyond 5000 lbs and often I pulled a trailer behind that.

If its a softer ride then bags are the way to go, but IMO there is no place for them on a truck w/a TC. I want my TC stable and only moves in lockstep with my truck.

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