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Determine the gross weight of the camper to include the base weight plus all options (e.g. jacks, batteries @62# each, air cond @ 92#, LPG, water incl. volume in hot water heater, solar, etc), then determine the payload capacity (incl. options) of the truck configuration – GVWR minus vehicle weight = payload…This should give you a more informed idea…

As a contingency, I’ve had good luck with Timbrens, which can be installed over the rear axle in just a few minutes (with adjustable shims for proper clearance), have a full money back guarantee, and a lifetime warranty…They are basically cylindrical, hollow rubber blocks that only engage (contacting truck frame) when the camper is aboard – they never need service…Loaded, the ride will stiffin a bit in the rear (but not uncomfortably so), snd sway will be reduced considerably…If it turns out that you don’t need them, just send them back…JMO


They are also available via google search…