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Dumb Mick

I know, it was a joke. Besides, I don’t believe in tipping my hand.
I’ve had enough trouble with Canadian Immigration. I do a lot of traveling
and they are hands down the worst and most obnoxious in the world. A couple
of years ago the wife and I were going to visit her brother north of Toronto.
Canadian Immigration treated us like common criminals or somebody trying to
sneak into Canada. Finally I said:

“Look, I’m coming up here to spend money and visit family. They’re only
in-laws so do me a favor and send me back to Chicago (where I had arrived from).”

Last year we went to Vancouver to visit the brother. The Sherlock wannabe
asked me three times if I had any firearms or Mace. I guess she thought she
would catch me out. “Look, I just got off an airplane in Seattle, I haven’t
had the time to buy any guns.” ?

Canada is OK once you’re across the border but there’s the rub.

It’s good to be a n00b - so I can aspire to be just stoopid.

Monrovia, CA