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Hi all. ’bout time there a dedicated forum for TC’s and a dedicated TC site!

My story (short version):
Sold my company, wanted to travel (NOT on an airplane for a change) we bought a motorhome. 1 year later with the MH spending almost as much time in the shop as it did on the road, I ate the loss and the dealer bought it back from me to say NEVER AGAIN!

We were now without and the search was on for an RV. TC, you gotta be kidding. Then the search began for a 5th wheel or TT. But a guy I met said have you ever looked at a TC? Heck NO! Then come look at mine. WOW! Big Lance on his truck, him and wife love it.

More Searching and we started talking to folks and they said look at Arctic Fox 1150 with the slide. We were living in Scottsdale at the time and Tom’s Campers had one. WOW again. But it was not a 1150.

We find a AF 1150 up in Idaho on ebay. I call, he sends 40 pics tells me he wants to move it, he does not deal in TC’s and this TC was a trade in on a Prevost at $1M. We drive up and here is a NEW AF 1150 and a NEW GMC 3500 dually and what a rig it was, yes it was new, never used. Guys wife told him no and hell no I won’t go. I load it on my truck for $23k.

8 years later I sell it for $20k after it was on RV Trader for 2 days and 3 backup full price offers.

Now I am on my 2nd 5th wheel. WH.Y?

Dogs got old and could not get up in or out of the TC and with 6 dogs the TC was getting cramped.

So why am I here? We LOVED our TC and of all of our RV’s we had it the longest, and with near zero issues with it, none of which were major, stoppers or took anything more than 30 min and a new part to replace. We down to 4 dogs and 2 of them are very near their time and the other 2 are getting close to chasing rabbits in the sky.

Time to start looking again as we have missed our TC.

US Army Retired
2019 F 350 CC-LB King Ranch
Hill Country of Texas